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RugbyTweets comes from an idea I had a few months ago. All I wanted was to get all my teams news and updates in my twitter stream. At the moment I use Twitter as a mini RSS reader. If news is important, its on Twitter! So why not add my sports team?

But what about everyone else in the same boat as me? Well I decided to start the site up and add all the teams in the major leagues I know. The main object was to make the site in such a way that it did not require storing username and passwords. This mean creating a Twitter account for each team. So now you can just come to the site (or one listed below) and get your teams updates.

Thanks to Paul Randall for doing the design and making it super easy to integrate.

If you have any ideas for leagues that have not been set up yet then please contact me on Twitter @ollieparsley

If you are into other sports look at the list below for other sites in the family. More will be coming over the coming days and weeks.


FootyTweets will allow you to get all your footy team news and updates.


MotorTweets allows you to get all your team/drivers news and race information directly in your twitter feed.


CricketTweets will allow you to get all your cricket teams news directly in your twitter feed.

If you want to use any shirt logos please let me know and acknowledge that they came from RugbyTweets. I have painstakingly created these and would just appreciate a thank you.